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“How to Teach Swimming Lessons to Preschoolers” now available on »« WikiHow names “How to Choose a Swim Instructor” a Rising Star

N.Y. Times Co. publishes “A Sample Progression for Teaching Swim Lessons to Infants And Toddlers”

Teaching a baby or toddler to swim can be an invaluable experience.

In my most recent article on, I answer three frequently asked questions about swim lessons for infants and toddlers.

1.  Can a baby or toddler learn to swim?

2.  Can an infant or toddler learn freestyle or backstroke?

3.  Can you drown proof an infant or toddler?

Not only will you learn the three types of approaches to teaching babies and toddlers and which one is recommended, you will also get a free sample teaching progression for infants and toddlers.   View the article now on

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December 16, 2009 at 6:13 pm
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