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Jim Reiser, M.S.

5 Quick Swimming Tips For Adult Beginners

If you are thinking that it would be great to be able to swim like a dolphin in the waves, you are certainly one of the thousands of people who may want to start learning swimming as an adult.

It’s never too late to learn something – swimming included.

adult swimmersSwimming As An Adult Is Possible!

Although most people learn to swim when they are little children, adults can also have their advantages in learning this important physical activity.

First of all, adults have a completely developed neurological system, whilst children aren’t fully developed yet. This aspect makes things much easier for adults, who can coordinate their movements in a smoother way than any children.

That’s only a quick example to show you that you can easily learn swimming as an adult and recover the opportunity that you missed as a child.

In addition, consider that even the smartest child feels strange in the water at first – so, if you fear that you’re going to feel that way, relax and take a breath as you will easily overcome all of your fear with little time. It’s actually important to take confidence and gain self-esteem when in the water. A good trainer is therefore essential to break the ice and start to enjoy feeling the water.

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Practical Tips To Shorten The Curve Of Learning

Here we are with a useful bunch of tips that will give you a clue of what you have and not have to do as an adult beginner who is learning swimming. First of all, find a good structure where you can find qualified swimming trainers and an overall comfortable environment for you. Then, focus on these aspects, too:

  1. Avoid deep water
    If the pool has a shallow end, that’s the ideal place where you should start to move your body in the water at first. Keep in mind that you have to gain confidence in the water and overcome the typical fear of deep water of almost all beginners. In the shallow end of the pool, you can stand in the water and practice breathing exercises under your trainer’s guidance.

  2. Use goggles
    In the beginning, you’d better use goggles to avoid water into your eyes and to go underwater with your head for advanced breath exercises. You can open your eyes and see underwater, which will facilitate your first approach to swimming.

  3. Spend time in the watertrainer and adult learner
    We’ve just mentioned that you have to gain confidence in the water. And to achieve this goal you necessarily have to spend time in the pool. Obviously, the longer time you can spend in the water, the better and quicker you will learn to swim – that’s an ever-valid rule of thumb!

  4. Face in the water
    It might look uncomfortable, but as a beginner, you’ll be taught to swim keeping your face in the water. That’s anyway another thing to make your learning process quicker. Moreover, you will overcome anxiety and fear all at once. Remember that getting comfortable swimming with your face in the water is basically a matter of feeling and of confidence.

  5. Freestyle
    Professional swimmers make freestyle look like a simple movement but the truth is that freestyle consists of multiple movements that have to be perfectly coordinated. When learning freestyle, focus on each part of your body involved in the stroke, for example, wrist left leg and right leg individually, then also your arms individually, your neck and head and your back.

Our final tip is to have patience and to follow your trainer’s lessons feeling happy at each learning stage!

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