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Jim Reiser, M.S.

Step-by-step Guide To Start Your Swimming Pool Company

Installing a swimming pool and starting a business around it might be your best investment strategy if you hire expert professionals who can guide you and support you right through the process. It’s without a doubt that such a huge investment is an exciting decision for your life, as well.

team of expertsGet The Right People Around You

When you start up a business of your own, you are basically saying “goodbye” to being a regular employee, which is great if you are looking for more space for your own decisions and business management skills, but it might also mean for you will carry a lot of stress and mental fatigue, beyond the financial uncertainties and more complex taxation. That’s why you need expert people around you to support your decisions and help you consider aspects that you may easily underestimate.   You can’t expect to actually be a know-it-all genius!

Having the right team of people to work for your project is essential not only during the preparation of planning documents and installation of your swimming pool but also once the project is ready to welcome your first customers. The concept still stays the same. You need to choose the right people to work in your swimming pool business. So, make sure to hire only expert people who are qualified for their specific job.

Your Best Head-start On Your Business

After all, a swimming pool company doesn’t differ that much from other kinds of investments in the commercial field. Either you are working to start a restaurant or a sports company, you basically have to accomplish similar tasks and commitments.

First of all, consider our list of steps to move as a basic vademecum for all the necessary actions that you will have to take care of on your business venture:

  1. Find a place
    Before you even start with documents and other legal papers, it’s essential that you have a clue of “where” you want to base your new activity. Of course, avoid places where there is already a well-established swimming pool, as an example. Focus on places where your swimming pool won’t have any competitors nearby, but at the same time watch out from places that are way too far from residential areas, otherwise, you won’t have any customers insight.

  2. Commercial equipment
    A swimming pool needs a series of commercial equipment and structures. For example, make sure to install advanced commercial doors, fire alarms, fireproof doors, and security alarms. You may request these services from a local locksmith who is qualified for commercial locksmith services, or you may want to contact an all-inclusive locksmith company like On-Time Locksmith which offers a 360-degree palette of locksmith assistance in several fields, including car and vehicle locksmith services as you can see at

  3. Define a business planbusiness plan
    All new business ventures require a specific business plan, including a study to determine how profitable your swimming pool business can be in the area that you chose for it. The business plan should also include a financial study about the required funds with a projection about your return on investment and profits. Hire expert people to make a good business plan.

  4. Swimming pool activity
    It’s useless to tell you that you should have a deep insight and knowledge into what a swimming pool business does. Your responsibility goes far beyond building the structure, it involves more tasks like for example relationship with your customers or maintenance / enhancement works over time. You should also check the chemical compound of the swimming pool water and make sure that the cleaning and draining of the pool takes place regularly.

  5. Define your target audience
    This is another very important step to include. Make sure to understand that your target market is different from your business plan, because in a market study there are multiple subfields that you have to fulfill. Just to give you a clue, consider that you should study your area and the people who live there to determine if your swimming pool can have a good chance of success and growth. For example, if it’s an area under development, you are surely going to have good possibilities with new homes being built, new families with children coming to live there.

Keep in mind staying strong during the first months of work, because you’ll have to comply with a series of legal requirements before going into business, but then you will be largely appreciated by customers.  If you come with all the papers to prove your legal accomplishments, they will trust you straight away.


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