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Learn How To Get Rid Of Aquaphobia!

As we grow up we understand mroe about the world around ourselves. We see that there are certain situations that are clearly dangerous, while some others are definitely more pleasant and safer. We can distinguish different situations because we got to experience them in person or because someone else told us about them. And the result is that we tend to avoid to be in situations that our brain identify as “dangerous“.

Is Deep Water Your Biggest Fear?swimming pool

All this mental process is spontaneous, it happens by itself and we are barely aware of it. However, certain dangerous situations might become fears over time. That’s why so many people develop their own fears. For example, many people are scared to take a plane, while some other people are literally frithened of deep water.

Deep water is actually one of the most scaring natural elements that, at some point, many people get to experience. Either you fell in water as a little child or you were almost to sink in the ocean due to a big wave, you might seriously develop a psychological fear towards deep water, which has consequences on your life.

To overcome a fear of deep water can translates into a fear of swimming – which holds you back from learning to swim for all of your life. Probably, you won’t believe it but there are several worldwide popular gold-metal winners who were actually afraid of swimming as a child. They could overcome their fear thanks to good teachers and to all of their strength of will.

Here’s What You Have To Do – Your Basic Exercises

If you are in a similar condition and you really want to get rid of your fear of swimming, you are already half way there! In fact, there’s nothing more powerful than your own decision to overcome all fears.kick-the-water exercise

Now, you have to focus on a few steps that will gradually take you to the point of feeling good when swimming in deep water:

  • You need to take some confidence with water, first. You should re-create the ideal conditions where you feel fine with water. So, asl a good teacher to help you get your feet in the water and try to go deeper with him/her by your side. Try also to stay relaxed as much as possible.

  • Once you can stand in the water, try to splash some water on yoru shoulders, neck and face. It’s a funny game to play in water which allows you to feel more self-confident. A smart tip: imagine positive things or think about past happy moments while splashing who learns to swim

  • The third point is about breath-holding. Try to hold your breath for a few seconds, then breathe again and repeat for several times. Now, do this in the water: hold your breath and breathe out into the water, like if you were bubbling. This is another funny game that you can play to establish a relationship to the water.

  • It’s important to be able to move your arms and legs while in water. So, try to hold the side of the swimming pool and try to move your legs, like if you were kicking a ball. Keep your body stretched out while kicking. For this exercise it’s essential that you feel enough relaxed and peaceful. If you feel scared of doing that, just ask your teacher to help you or just stop for a while, have a break and then try again to kick in water.

Become Friend To Water By Playing Smart Water Games!

As you can see, many exercises to overcome the fear of water are nothing but games to play. It’s important that you feel happy while working out in water, funny exercises are a strategical choice for all teachers in this field.

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3 Areas Of Chemical Food Additives That You Must Avoid

Today's food industry is pretty diversified. It offers a large variety of foods of all types, including artificial food and pre-cooked food. There's a great advantage in food preparation that in the past times was unthinkable. Most people prefer to buy precooked food because it's quick to prepare and comfortable for the entire family. Moreover, such food is often added with extra flavoring elements that enrich the natural flavor of every single ingredient. As a result, pre-cooked food seems to offer a great chance to eat delicious dishes without spending too much time buying every ingredient, cooking, and serving.

fresh food restaurant

Fresh Ingredients Vs Artificial Foods

However, recent campaigns against the use of chemical elements in pre-cooked foods are giving a large contribution to the development of a worldwide spread awareness about the side effects of eating pre-cooked food too often.

Think that many high-level restaurants choose to serve only dishes made with fresh ingredients as natural ingredients contain a larger amount of nutrients. In a nutshell, you can order the best dishes knowing that you will be served only premium quality food. Of course, you should make sure that you are eating at a high-class restaurant. For example, luxury hotel and casino restaurants offer a pretty diversified range of menus, including a vegan menu, a vegetarian menu, a gluten-free menu, and so on. It's not only a way to attract more customers, but it's also more likely a way to stand out in the industry of restoration and foodservice.

Of course, if you can't afford to book a table at a luxury casino restaurant, you can always enjoy the best gaming experience from home. There are superb and verified casino venues that offer all the latest games packed about Bacarra with generous bonuses and exclusive benefits. You can try as many free games as you like while eating your favorite hamburger!

Areas Of Artificial Ingredients In Pre-cooked Food

The bottom line is that eating pre-cooked food too often may seriously affect your health, metabolism, and immune system. What is more, the impact of such food on your body is negative.

Take a pre-cooked food that you have at home, check its ingredients on the label, and take note of all the artificial additives that you can find on it. You will note that some of the ingredients that you should avoid like a plague for your health's sake are included in that pre-cooked food.

pre-cooked food

As a general rule of thumb, we can identify three areas of artificial ingredients that are made of chemicals:

Some of the most dangerous and frequently used food additives include the sodium nitrate (associated to cancer in humans), sulfites that can cause breathing diseases in people who are sensitive to this ingredient, propylene glycol (also known as antifreeze), butane (a carcinogen), monosodium glutamate (MSG) that add extra flavor to the food but can cause headaches, heart diseases, and nerve damages, enriched flour that is often used in common snack foods and contains toxic substances, refined vegetable oil which is rich in omega-6 fats that can cause heart disease and cancer, magnesium sulfate that is used in tofu can cause cancer, paraben is an additive used to stop mold but it damages the equilibrium in human hormones, aluminum is a preservative that is connected to cancer.


food additives

Artificial sweeteners should be always avoided as they can cause serious health diseases: saccharin is connected to bladder cancer, aspartame is a cause of dizziness, headaches, vision disease, and stomach disease, it's also thought to be a carcinogen. High fructose corn syrup is made of genetically-modified corn and it causes obesity, diabetes, insulin disease, and heart disease. Sucralose is connected to liver cancer. Bleached starch is associated with asthma and skin irritation.

Bright and vibrant colors can catch people's eye, but artificial colorings can also cause the following health problems: red #2 and #3 can cause asthma and thyroid cancer; red #40 comes from petroleum and it causes cancer and hyperactivity in children; blue #1 can damage chromosomes and cause cancer; citrus red #1 and #2 is used to make oranges look more appealing, that's why you should never eat the peel; green #3 is used in beverages and it causes tumors, the same goes for yellow #5 and #6.

Each of these three areas contains chemical ingredients that impact your health and can modify your metabolism in the long term. More effects due to frequent assumption of such chemicals can also weaken your immune system and modify your brain functions.

In short, avoid drinking soda and sugary drinks, eat fresh fruits, choose hormone-free meat and milk, spend more time cooking fresh ingredients to gain better health.


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