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Jim Reiser, M.S.

4 Tips To Help You Overcome The Fear Of Deep Water

fear of waterNobody knows exactly how many people live with the fear of swimming or falling into deep water. Although millions of people can swim at a decent level, there are still people who are terribly afraid of water to the point that they might refuse to learn to swim. Adults are especially subjects to fear of deep water as their brain has a total awareness of dangers, which is a skill that children don't have during their first years of life.

How To Choose A Good Swimming Pool

However, learning to swim as an adult isn't impossible. In fact, if done correctly, to can still be a lot of fun, but you will need to be consistent in trying to overcome your fear of water. It's fundamental that you can trust the instructor who will teach you to swim as well as it's important that you like the swimming pool and people who work there.

Research local swimming pools and compare prices and membership options. Consider that you might need to take the car to reach the swimming pool unless you are so lucky to find one just around the corner from your home!

If you have to drive by car, make sure that the swimming pool company offers private car parking for its members. In case it doesn't have a parking lot where you can park your car, look for car parking services nearby. Your mobile phone does a great job even with last-minute research. It happens in particular when you have to look for immediate assistance with critical situations, for example, a car accident or car trouble or a lost car key. Your mobile phone is the strongest bridge between you and professional automotive locksmiths from locksmithslocator. If you're afraid that you may be charged extra fees on emergency assistance, breathe and relax because Locksmith Locator offers a cheaper service than most competitors in the locksmith industry.

Once you've found the most convenient swimming pool for you, compare the membership options to pick the best option. Also, it's okay to ask for a trial lesson so you will see if that swimming pool and swimming coach are both right for you. An extra tip for you is to look for reviews and opinions about the swimming pool on the web.  It will be easier for you to understand more about its quality and overall services.

What To Do To Say "Goodbye" To Your Fear Of Swimming

It won't be easier in the beginning and you will need a lot of patience and determination. You don't want to let any difficulties get you down, stay consistent with your goal and the first encouraging results will appear one after the other one.

As additional tips for you, we think that the following ones are perfect to give you an extra kick to forget your fear of deep water, so you can say "goodbye" to it once and forever:

  1. Trust your instructor
    If you are new in the environment of swimming pools, you may feel a little out of place in there. That's the first thing you have to deal with, so try to trust your instructor. He/she's there to help you, not to leave you alone in the water! Keep in mind that his/her goal is only to help you.

  2. Build self-confidencefirst contact with water
    Of course, you are scared and you don't feel like you are in the best place on earth. Such impressions are typical of people who are new to a swimming pool, so don't worry too much about these thoughts. Focus on gaining acquaintance with water by getting your feet wet. Move your feet in the water while sitting on the edge of the pool.

  3. Standing in the water
    That's a necessary step to take if you want to overcome a fear of swimming. With the help of your instructor, stand in the water and splash water on your face, just to develop more self-confidence and to get your body entirely familiar with the water. Try to associate positive thoughts or images with splashing water on your face.  It helps so much to overcome fears and negative images!

  4. Breathing
    Now, you are pretty brave and you can even hold your breath and go under the water. Try this exercise multiple times and when you feel completely relaxed and confident, breathe out into the water blowing bubbles. It's a lot of fun and it helps you control your breath and your emotions while being underwater.

The bottom line is that you don't have to feel rushed to make progress. All you have to do is to follow your instructor's tips and to put all of your efforts into each exercise, this way you'll make progress in no time!


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