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Back Floating Babies

First off, we NEVER float babies against their will. It’s simply not worth turning them off to the water, which is most often the result when you take the enjoyment out of the learn-to-swim experience. If you do stay child-focused, most infant and toddlers will take to it.  Children can learn other potentially lifesaving skills […]

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Learn-to-Swim Objective for 12 Month Old

Far too often, parents discontinue swim lessons too soon. On the other hand, other activities such as gymnastics, t-ball, dance, and soccer take their place. While I certainly support “well-rounded” children and encourage all types of healthy physical activity, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that children become competent at the swimming skills […]

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How to Teach Back Floating to Infants and Toddlers

I am going to combine this blog with some helpful video clips from our YouTube Channel. In the first video clip on teaching babies to swim on their back, I want the viewer to notice how I use the “cheek to cheek” hold and put my student Rex in a nice horizontal body position relative […]

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Swim Instructor Mentoring Program

When using the video-based Swim Lessons University Instructor Training and Certification program, we also advise that SLU programs incorporate a mentoring program for new swimming instructors.   In addition to the invaluable opportunity to train by watching the courses actually being taught, we believe nothing ever can truly take the place of real experience.  This is […]

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Back Floating Babies

Dear Swim Professor, I am teaching a class in my hometown with kids 15 months to 2 years.  I am having some difficulty with the back float.  Lots of squirming and crying.  I did the resting head on shoulder and singing songs.  Do you have any other suggestions, if you do please let me know.  […]

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Water Safety for Kids

Today’s blog is to announce a podcast that I just recorded and published with one purpose: To reach as many parents as possible and potentially save the life of a child. The purpose of the podcast is not only to prevent unnecessary drowning and teach water safety, but to prevent and recognize how devastating nonfatal, […]

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Swim Lesson for Babies

Should you start your baby (under the age of 2) in swimming lessons? Swim lessons for infants? Swim lessons for toddlers? In my opinion, that really just depends on two things: 1. It depends on whether or not the experience will be a positive one. 2. It depends on whether or not you have reasonable […]

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Swim Lesson Songs

As the late and legendary TV host Fred Roger’s from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood wrote, “When you help a child enjoy music, you’re also helping a child develop learning skills, like listening, coordination, imagination, and memory.” Swimming lessons too, are a great place to help a child enjoy music.  I have always incorporated songs and music […]

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Swim Lesson Objectives

TOO MANY PARENTS THINK THAT WHEN THEIR CHILD CAN SWIM UNDERWATER THAT THEY DON’T NEED ANY MORE LESSONS! Does your swim school experience this problem?   Of course it’s not only a problem for swim school business, it’s a very serious problem for the child’s safety.  I would like to share with you today a couple […]

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“Developmental characteristics of a 2 year old” and applications

Each child is certainly unique,  and according to the McKesson Clinical Reference Systems, it is difficult to describe exactly what to expect at each stage of the child’s development.  However,  I thought you would enjoy me sharing some of the common trends in development for two year olds.  Socially, these are some common characteristics: Imitates […]

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