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Fear of the Water or Stranger Anxiety?

Swimming Instructors and parents alike often mistake Stranger Anxiety with Fear of the Water.  According to child psychologists, the child is likely thinking something like, “I don’t know who you are or what you want from me, so I’m sticking close to Mom.” According to Dr. Avelet, a contributing writer for Parent Magazine, “Fear of […]

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How to Teach Freestyle to Beginners

First of all, if your student is under the age of six, I strongly suggest that you first teach a child to swim with the hands at the sides, using a “pop-up breath.”  Why?  It’s pretty simple.  At these younger ages, while children CAN and SHOULD learn the front crawl/freestyle, it takes LONGER to learn […]

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How to Use Flotation Devices in Swim Lessons

For the last three plus decades, we have been experimenting with  learn-to-swim flotation devices,  experimenting with different ways to use them, and most importantly–striving to determine how to most effectively use them in order to help children learn to swim more efficiently.    At Swim Lessons University, we train swimming instructors to use buoyancy devices in […]

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How to Teach the Breaststroke Kick – Part One

When teaching the breaststroke kick to a young student, using various forms of kinesthetic techniques can work wonders. While no technique will create a “miracle swimmer,”  if you provide the critical components of teaching swimming in your classes your students will pick the skill up before you know it.  Make no mistake about it, all  […]

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Learn-to-Swim Objective for 3-4 Year Olds

For three to four year olds, while we don’t expect a three year old to swim front crawl or freestyle with side breathing across the pool yet, a three year old can learn to swim distances any where from 15 feet up to 25 yards if parents continue to enroll their child in lessons with […]

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Social Media for Swim Lesson Parents

Your ability or willingness to take the time to communicate with your customers, your swim lesson parents, can make or break your swim school.  Keep in touch with them via email, and use social media like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.  Here’s an example of a recent message I posted on our Swim Lessons Company Facebook […]

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Learning the Freestyle Kick

Dear Swim Professor: How would I get a beginning swimmer to kick properly with the kick board? I used the kinesthetic feedback and manipulated their legs for them. I even had swim lessons student show me the difference between good and bad kicks, but they reverted right back to kicking with their legs up under their […]

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Pop-up Breath Swimming

Teaching the Pop-up Breath:  A Child Centered Swimming Lessons Approach I have been teaching swimming since 1983.   This is hard to admit, but I have been teaching longer than most of my instructors have been alive!  And of course over the past 28 years, my methods and approaches have changed.  One technique I continue to […]

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Fearful Swimmers

One of the most difficult things for a swim instructor is developing the confidence that YOU CAN turn most any fearful swim lesson student into a happy swimmer.  No matter how scared the child may appear, you can do it! Here are a few strategies that work: 1. Take control. Don’t allow the parent to […]

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Learning to Swim with Autism

Today’s blog features a letter from Swimming Instructor Pietjie Dauth of Namibia, a country in Southern Africa, who has reached out to us for guidance concerning a student she is teaching who has Asperger Syndrome.  Asperger syndrome is  considered a high functioning form of Autism,  an au   In today’s blog, I have shared the […]

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