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Swim Lessons Results are Dependent Upon Effective Communication

So last night my wife Heather and I were winding down and watching reruns of “King of Queens” and she fell asleep on the couch.  I decided to head to bed and let her sleep.  Well a few hours later, our five-year old Nolan goes downstairs and decides to curl up on the couch with her in the […]

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Swim Instructor Common Questions

Dear Swim Professor: I want to ask you how you deal with young children who have fear in water? I’ve heard about lots of different approaches. Some say put them underwater so they’ll be forced to learn to swim. Others say let them play and have fun until they feel ready. And with these children […]

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The Art of Teaching Children to Swim

The art of teaching children to swim means that sometimes you have to be creative, independent, spontaneous, practical, and even rule-bending.  In the end, it’s about what works best, what engages your students  the most.  One of the easiest ways you can make learning fun for young learners is to tap into their imagination.  Research […]

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How to Teach Down Syndrome Children to Swim

Dear Swim Professor: I have a 1:1 class with a 9 y/o boy with Down syndrome. He a very able, capable child and he absolutely loves the water but his previous teacher has completely confused his understanding of bubbles/breath in Freestyle. Could you/would you give me some strategies, or links, or where to find printed […]

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Swim Lessons Activities: Teaching Preschoolers How to Flutter Kick

When you can provide a positive, playful environment in your swimming lessons that also produces lots of quality repetition for your preschoolers, you are guaranteed to have success.   This is all possible because your students are fully engaged and having fun.  Here is an example of one of the kick activities for young children that will be […]

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Butterfly Teaching Tips and Wetsuits for Swimming Lessons

Today’s blog is in a Q & A Format, as I answer questions from a North Carolina Instructor: N.C. Instructor: When you are manipulating a student’s arms on the “Butterfly-Inchworm” stationary drill (as seen in the Butterfly 301/302/303 Instructor Certification Video Course),  are your legs squeezing the child’s left leg, or both legs? I worry […]

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How to Swim Comfortably in the Cold

If you ever have the chance to enjoy an outdoor Jacuzzi during a pretty winter snow, you will absolutely love it. I would advise against making snow angels upon your exit. Let your husband do that! It will be a lot funnier! SO WHAT ABOUT SWIMMING LESSONS in the COLD? While I am by no […]

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Swimming Lessons for Preschoolers: Getting Started

When teaching swimming lessons to preschoolers, you can be so much more successful when you make learning like play. The famous children’s television series “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” coincidentally targeted the same age group as our Swim 101 course, which is our beginners course for young children between the ages of three and five years of […]

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What Do the Best Swimming Instructors and Employees do Differently?

Lee Atwater once said, “Perception is reality.” As swimming instructors and swim school owners it is so important that we take this quote seriously. Here are 10 QUICK QUESTIONS you can ask: 1. How does my facility look to our patrons? 2. How do I dress? 3. How do I interact with the children? 4. […]

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How to Teach the Butterfly

Once your students have a hang of the “general idea” of the butterfly stroke, then it is time to start refining some of the details. In this video clip, you can see 6-year old McKinley is figuring out the opportune time to get the head beneath the surface. On her first two strokes, she drops […]

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