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Jim Reiser, M.S.

How to Use Flotation Devices in Swim Lessons

For the last three plus decades, we have been experimenting with  learn-to-swim flotation devices,  experimenting with different ways to use them, and most importantly–striving to determine how to most effectively use them in order to help children learn to swim more efficiently.    At Swim Lessons University, we train swimming instructors to use buoyancy devices in […]

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Flotation Devices for Swimming Lessons

Thank you, Coach P.D., from Australia, for your great questions regarding flotation devices for swimming lessons.  You asked about the one we are currently using at Swim Lessons University, the SwimWays Power Swimr, in particular.  Here are your questions, my thoughts, observations, and comments: Dear Swim Professor: The reason I write is (1) about the ‘POWER SWIMR’s’ […]

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