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Swim Lessons Levels: Move up or stay down?

Dear Mr. Reiser, I don’t know if other coaches have asked this question but…..After finishing a season of teaching & starting a new one a few months later–do you start your children in the level that they were at before or do you place them in the lower level to make sure the skills they […]

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How to be a “Black Belt” in Swimming

Every child should be a “black belt” in swimming! Why? Because if you give your child the opportunity to become a strong, competent swimmer, you are giving him the best “self-defense” against the leading cause of accidental death in children. Despite popular belief, the biggest risk to your child isn’t the local school bully. It’s […]

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NEW Awards Bracelets for your Learn-to-Swim Students!

You are going to absolutely love our upcoming latest addition to Swim Lessons University. It our brand new “paperless” Swim Proficiency & Water Safety Awards System.  Here’s a brief summary of how it works: Each child gets a silicone bracelet (Lance Armstrong type) which features 6 major skills that he or she will be working […]

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