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Jim Reiser, M.S.

Swim Lessons Results are Dependent Upon Effective Communication

So last night my wife Heather and I were winding down and watching reruns of “King of Queens” and she fell asleep on the couch.  I decided to head to bed and let her sleep.  Well a few hours later, our five-year old Nolan goes downstairs and decides to curl up on the couch with her in the […]

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American Camp Association Swim Lessons Provider

The American Camp Association has added Swim Lessons University as one of the ACA’s nationally recognized Learn-to-Swim providers. Says Rhonda Mickelson, ACA Director of Standards, “we are pleased to announce Swim Lessons University is now an officially recognized provider for ACA swim lessons programs and swim instructor certification.” Swim Lessons University makes training swimming instructors […]

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Swim Instructor Training Manual

Swim Lessons University, in cooperation with the World Aquatic Babies and Children (WABC) Network, is now accepting applications for Instructor-Trainers.   SLU has also just released its brand new Learn-to-Swim IT Manual, which contents includes: How to administer the SLU Course at your Facility, Course Administration and Application Process and Fees, Swim Lessons Level Descriptions, […]

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Swim Instructor Mentoring Program

When using the video-based Swim Lessons University Instructor Training and Certification program, we also advise that SLU programs incorporate a mentoring program for new swimming instructors.   In addition to the invaluable opportunity to train by watching the courses actually being taught, we believe nothing ever can truly take the place of real experience.  This is […]

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Swim Instructor Certification Alternatives

As the American Red Cross raises it’s fees for swim lesson programs and it’s Water Safety Instructor certification, the interest in an alternative swim instructor certification is on the rise.   One of those alternatives is the Swim Lessons University Swimming Instructor training program. Barb Limbo, Aquatic Director for the Rapid City Aquatics Recreation Department in […]

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Swim Lessons University Conference Review

Well our Swim Lessons University Swim Instructor Conference is Las Vegas in the books, but the New Orleans Swim Instructors Conference is just around the corner!  Of course if you missed these, we will hold two more conferences this spring, one in Orlando in February and one in NY in March. As in the years […]

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Swim Instructor Online Training

Swim Lessons University training videos, testing, and swim instructor certifications are now available online! Have you ever had trouble getting your entire staff of swim teachers together for training?  In other words, you would have 2 or 3 instructors not show up, resulting in YOU having to teach the entire training session over just for […]

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Swim Lesson Myth: Children should close their mouth while in the water.

“Close your mouth!” Many parents (and even swim teachers) remind their children when taking swimming lessons.  I assume they are afraid that their child will choke on the water, or worse . . ..  But truth be told, while you may not want your child swallowing the pool water to reduce the risk of a […]

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Swim Instructor Training

What is the most important component of a successful swim school or swim lessons program?   The swim instructors of course!  Without competent swim teachers, the swim lessons are a flop!  In many cases, the swim lessons are even a waste of time.  In some others, they are actually dangerous. There are multiple factors that affect […]

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Online Swim Teacher Training available through Swim Lessons University & WABC!

In addition to membership discounts for your new WABC (World Aquatic Babies & Children Network) membership or membership renewal,  your staff will soon be able to use the Swim Lessons University ONLINE TESTS based on the SLU DVD’s.    For just $10 per teacher, your teachers will be able to take a 25 question test and […]

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