The Swim Professor

Jim Reiser, M.S.

Swimming Instructor Assessment

Your swim instructors are the lifeblood of your swim school business. They determine whether you succeed or fail. After training and testing your swimming instructors, the next step to developing more effective swim teachers is to help them improve. How can you do that?

One great way is to assess your swim instructor’s performance with Swim Lessons University’s 15-Point Analysis or Swim Lesson Evaluation. The Assessment features a typical, five-level Likert scale on the front side of the document where you will rate your instructors on 15 critical aspects of teaching. On the backside of the document, there is a designated area for any of your personal notes, comments, and observations.

Help your teachers be the best they can be and watch your swim school flourish! Download the SLU Instructor Assessment / 15 Point Analysis today for just $5.00. Of course you can print as many as you like!

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