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Jim Reiser, M.S.

Swim Lessons Curriculum

Your swim lessons curriculum is something every swim school should take seriously.  But even more important than the curriculum itself, is how the swim school owners ensure that each and every member of their staff of swim instructors have lesson plans, can effectively teach the swim skills sets and progressions, and have a strong foundation of teaching skills as taught in the Teach Like a Pro DVD.

Judi McIntosh, founder of Swimsational Swim School, LLC in Sulphur, Louisiana, comments on The Swim Lessons University curriculum and DVD’s:

“We love your videos. We started using them as supplemental swim lesson tools, but we now use your Breaststroke 301 and Butterfly 301 for our swim instructors as our primary instruction for the beginner levels of these two strokes.  I have found over the 35 years of teaching, that demonstration, manipulation, and positive reinforcement are the basic teaching tools of the trade.  Many times the less experienced instructors don’t see the importance of breaking down the strokes, and I have to say that your Swim Lessons University techniques are “full-proof.”  I also had an awesome mentor years ago who reiterated the 3 Stages of Learning and I have always tried to pass this on to my instructors.  Because of the help of your video, my job is now so much easier.

I am looking to the Swim Lessons University Conference in Las Vegas! Thanks again!

This is just one sample of quickly growing number of teachers and swim school owners around the country who are benefiting from the Swim Lessons University training system.   One of the great advantages of Swim Lessons University are that you don’t have to change what you do!  You can use the materials as a supplement to what you are already doing, or you can use it a blueprint for your entire program.  That’s up to you.

Lastly, if you visit Swim Lessons University, note under Swim Instructor Tools you can even utilize our new online testing for your staff, a new innovative swim awards bracelet system for your students, and even laminated lesson plans!

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