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Jim Reiser, M.S.

Swim Lessons Cancellations and Make-ups

What do you do when you cancel swim classes for thunder and lightning?   BUT shortly after, the weather clears up and the instructors are gone! What do you do when a customer shows up with their little one?  BUT you cancelled classes for the day and THEIR CHILD is devastated! What do you do when a pump motor goes bad and you have to cancel […]

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Focus on “User-Benefits” in Your Swim School Marketing

  I recently attended a fascinating talk by Dr. John Crompton. In his keynote speech at the Midwest Conference in South Dakota, he emphasized that we need to STOP MARKETING, SELLING, AND PROMOTING, and instead FOCUS ON USER BENEFITS & HUMAN NEEDS. He said if you are going to sell Mr. Johnson what Mr. Johnson […]

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Swim School Marketing Lesson

This blog is about marketing YOUR swim lessons…just to be clear. Now picture my four year old son playing basketball. While YOU may not agree with me that he could be the next Larry Bird yet, he is a great little basketball player for four years old. In fact, just today he scored 10 points […]

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Swim School Staff Training

Have you ever thought about training your swim school staff in customer service?  How well are your swim instructors and front office personnel doing with “the welcome?”  Surveys of customer service firms show that the act that most influences people’s satisfaction is the welcome! In one survey, 96% of the clients who said that they […]

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SUBJECT:  LET’S BE FRIENDS!  I DISCOUNT LESSONS FOR MY FRIENDS! Dear SLC Families & Friends: That’s right!  I want to discount lessons for MY FRIENDS!  Especially those of my friends that VALUE the importance of “ongoing swimming instruction” which ensures children will not only learn basic skills, but they will learn to swim well! In […]

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How to Improve Your Swim School Business

What measures can you take to improve your swim school business?  As the unexpected first place San Francisco Forty-Niners Coach Jim Harbaugh said after yesterday’s win:”WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME ASKING QUESTIONS.” Swim school owners must do the same.  What questions should you be asking?  Here are a number of good ones to get […]

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