The Swim Professor

Jim Reiser, M.S.

How Do You Turn “Tears” into “Cheers?” – Secrets to Help Children Overcome their Fears!


You are ready to teach your first 3-4 year old class but you have little girl who refuses to get in the water . . . and cries . . . and screams . . . and the stress is building and building in both you and mom!

What are you going to do?

  • Bring her in screaming? NO!!!
  • Tell her mom she’s just not ready? NO!!
  • Refund her money? YES . . . if you fail. But “NO” if you don’t! You don’t need to FAIL—YOU JUST NEED A FEW TRICKS UP YOUR SLEEVE!
  • And I’m talking SUCCESS STRATEGIES that WORK almost every time!!!

    Here are a few FREE Success Strategies that really work!

    1. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED SAYING? “It’s okay to be scared–do you know I get scared sometimes too? By agreeing with them you magically reduce their anxiety. On the other hand, if you say, ‘Don’t be scared,’ it does the exact opposite.” The anxiety the child’s if feeling is real. Arguing that there is nothing to be scared of only makes it worse.
      You can also build on “it’s okay to be scared” by turning that into a story about a time when you were scared about your swim lessons when you were her age. And say: guess what happened? And give it a happy ending (I learned this technique from Mr. Rogers!)
      1. “Are your ready for swim lessons?”
      2. “Do you want to get in the water?”
      3. “Do you want to kick your feet?”


      The little one will quickly sense that he’s in charge and has complete control and now YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! The easiest answer is no.

      Tell him what he’s going to do. You will have much better success!

    3. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD? Have you ever heard of “mental rehearsal?” Elite athletes rehearse perfect races or perfect games in their minds all the time to prepare themselves psychologically for a peak performance. CHILDREN CAN DO THIS TOO WITH YOUR HELP! EVEN PRE-SCHOOLERS!
      HERE’S HOW: Recommend to mom or dad to make up a bedtime story about a successful swimming lesson. Tell mom or dad to go the whole nine yards. Once upon a time, page 1, page 2, page 3, etc. From the start to the finish, use their imagination, make it interesting, make the story all about how great their child did, and in the end it will be so rewarding the child will look forward to swimming lessons when its time for next class it will be like already happened before. It really works wonders!

    Would you like to hear more ideas about turning “tears into cheers?”

    Order the FROM TEARS TO CHEERS audio program. How to Help Children Overcome their Fears – 10 SECRETS EVERY TEACHER SHOULD KNOW! Just $14.00

    “Jim Reiser has produced some of the most interesting and innovative techniques I have ever witnessed for teaching preschoolers. His methods will cause children to look forward to their swimming lessons rather than fear them. Because his methods stress fun as well as skill mastery, they will signal a lifelong love affair with the water for your young swimmers.”

    Ernest M. Maglischo, Ph. D. Author, Swimming Fastest

    Would you like more ideas about creating the perfect swim lesson for a 3 to 5 year old?

    Order the SWIM 101 DVD video program. Just $35.00.

    “Your Swim Lessons University teacher training system has very much changed the way I teach little ones. The swim school is a new venture as previously most of our business was in stroke improvement for Triathletes so I was a little worried about teaching the kids, hence the purchase of your video. The one thing that stood out for me on the video was that the children should be upset because they don’t want the lessons to end, not because their parents make them have swimming lessons. I now have parents saying their children can’t wait for the next lesson which is really great to hear and also great for business, so win, win. Thanks again, Jim, and I’m looking forward already to your next one!”

    Glen Walker, Slippery Fish Swim Clinics United Kingdom

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Differences Between Sport And Lottery

You might wonder if any difference can exist between sport and lottery games if you are a sport follower or you practice a sport. Actually, this is a great point to deepen for all those who are passionate sport fans and also for passionate lottery players.

Normally, people use to wonder if gambling is morally correct, if it’s similar or different than betting on sports. Well, sport betting is a form of gambling, so if you bet on a sport match or on a combination of numbers, basically you are doing the same thing.

Betting On Sport Is Like Playing Lottery Numbers

Actually, when you are betting your money on a random event such as a sport match you are doing nothing too different than betting money on a combination of numbers, like lottery players do.

In this perspective, betting, lottery and gambling are three variants of the same concept, that is betting money on random events (games, sport matches, lottery numbers).            

Since there are no big differences between lottery games and gambling, players of both should be considered as on the same level.

However, today there are many more advantages in playing lottery online than placing bets on sports. Actually, even though both categories of gambling are well developed lottery games still stay the most appealing and easier games.

What Lottery Players Should Know       

Think about betting on sport teams: you must know teams, athletes, coaches, strategy of playing, the entire market. Now, think about playing lottery games: just select your combination of numbers (these might be randomly selected, your favorite numbers…) and wait for the draw.

As you can see, if from a moral or intellectual point of view there are no difference in playing lottery games or sport betting, from a technical point of view differences are really big: with lottery players don’t have to have special skills or particular knowledge. On the opposite side, sport bettors need to master all basic rules of a certain sport, know who the athletes are and how they might behave during the match and many more aspects.

That’s why most people prefer to play lottery. Lottery Master is without any doubt one of the most popular lottery platforms in the web. With its many online lottery games (, Lottery Master is the unique online resource for players who want to take advantage of the best lottery options and services, such as the assistance service, the live chat tool, the info page with the latest lottery information.

How To Play With Lottery Master

All lottery fans should do is to choose their favorite lottery game from Lottery Master’s selection, which includes Euro Millions, Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Jackpot, New York Lotto, SuperEnalotto, La Primitiva, El Gordo.

All you have to do, then, is to read the rules of the game, that deal with how many numbers you have to choose to create your combinations, how many draws will take place in a week, when and where.

Add your payment method and buy online tickets directly from Lottery Master’s platform. Select numbers and wait for the draw. Finally, check the result page and compare your combination to the drawn one to see if you could match it entirely or partially – entirely to win the jackpot prize and partially to win a secondary prize for that lottery game.  

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