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Swim Lesson Curriculum shines in Tennessee

I want to thank Coach Brad Kerr in Tennessee for his permission to post the following letter:

Dear Coach Reiser:

My name is Brad Kerr and I spoke with you last summer.  You basically gave me a free consultation on how I could go about starting a swim lesson company here in Tennessee.  I am writing a year later to thank you so much as it has gone so well thanks to you.

Because of  your swim lesson curriculum I have done so well that I have enough clients in enough places that I eventually has an apartment complex allow me to use their pool as my home base for FREE!  Even in the winter I had people asking me for lessons with Mr. Brad!

Well I just wanted to let you know because I now have the confidence and drive to get it done thanks to you.  I want to thank you for being kind enough to guide me when others thought I would fail.

Looking forward to another successful summer using your Swim Lesson Plans and swim lesson ideas.

Hope to see you at one of your conferences soon!

Thanks Coach!


August 6, 2010 at 3:11 pm
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