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Social Media for Swim Lesson Parents

Your ability or willingness to take the time to communicate with your customers, your swim lesson parents, can make or break your swim school.  Keep in touch with them via email, and use social media like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.  Here’s an example of a recent message I posted on our Swim Lessons Company Facebook page:

“Does  your child suddenly seem to not like swim lessons? Does he refuse to try a certain skill? I CAN’T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH: Evaluate your feedback.  Experts agree that young children are motivated to learn through what they perceive as to be fun or play. Our Parent & Me and Swim 101 course reflect this philosophy. It is critical that teachers and parents are sensitive to this developmental perspective.  Try not to ever force an adult work ethic upon young children. Preschool swim lessons should be fun, playful experiences.”

Short social media messages like that are invaluable.  You can communicate your philosophy, observations, and share tips in an informal manner.  You eliminate personal confrontation and give the parents a chance to digest what you’re saying.  Last but not least, you keep their attention because you aren’t writing an essay.  Let’s face it.  Attention spans are not very long these days, even with adults!

One more tip: Try to pretty regularly open with a question to engage your reader.  This can make or break whether they even take a look!

Hope this helps! you.  Anytime you have a question for me feel free to email me at

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January 16, 2012 at 3:34 pm
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