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This blog is about marketing YOUR swim lessons…just to be clear. Now picture my four year old son playing basketball. While YOU may not agree with me that he could be the next Larry Bird yet, he is a great little basketball player for four years old. In fact, just today he scored 10 points in a 15-minute scrimmage! You are thinking, what does this have to do with swim school marketing?

Nolan plays basketball better than most of us market our swim schools. What do I mean? How so? He knows how to POSITION HIMSELF for SUCCESS. When the other team has the ball, where does Nolan go? He goes directly under the basket!!! My wife Heather asked him today after his game: “Nolan, why do you stand under the basket when the other team has the ball?” He said, “Well Mommy, that’s where the ball comes out! Then I can get it and I go make a basket!”

Are we positioning ourselves “under the basket?” Are we putting ourselves and our marketing materials under our customers’ noses? Or are we randomly advertising and hoping that a potential customer will find us? Think about it. If you put yourself in position like Nolan, you will not only earn more business, but you will save lots of wasted advertising dollars as well.

Here are a few of our most cost effective advertising and marketing strategies that will position you under the hoop!
1. Do Water Safety Presentations in preschools and elementary schools. At the end, you pass our your print materials as part of a water safety packet. Here is a Water Safety Presentation children, principals, and teachers love!
2. Set up a booth at Kids events, Baby Fairs, and Exhibits for children. Make sure to have your logo printed on stickers, tattoos, pens, and balloons to give away to potential customers.
3. Consider an ad in a local “parent magazine” dedicated for activities for children.
4. Get your current customers to tell their friends about you on their Facebook page. Their friends likely have children too, and they can include a link right to your website and it cost you nothing!
5. Go out of your way to create LOYAL CUSTOMERS who will rave about you to their friends. Take care of your own first, the friends and new customers will naturally follow.

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February 8, 2013 at 1:47 am
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