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3 Success Strategies for Teaching Children to Swim with Autism

How to Teach Children to Swim With Autism

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In the new DVD, Teaching Children to Swim with Austism Spectrum Disorder,Vi Hendley, M.Ed. & Autism Resource Specialist and Jim Reiser,M.S., “The Swim Professor,” share 10 Success Strategies Every Teacher Should Know. In today’s article, while you won’t get to see the video, we will share with you three of those important techniques.


  1. Don’t Use the “Right way vs. the Wrong Way” technique. When your teaching children with ASD, however, it’s really best to AVOID this technique. One characteristic of children with ASD is they tend to pick up on irrelevant details. In other words, you even have to be extra careful when demonstrating that everything you show your students is precisely what you want them to do.
  2. Use a Child’s Special Interests. Students with ASD are often very focused on a particular object or topic of interest. Using a child’s interest may be the most important technique you can use to capture and hold their attention during lessons. These interests can be as varied as the children themselves, so remain open to most anything, from food to superman to jellyfish or sharks! Follow your student’s lead; a student that is engaged is a student who is learning. Whatever you do, continue to involve your student’s special interest throughout the lesson.
  3. Use Visual Supports. In one ear and out the other, out of sight is out of mind. Because students with autism have difficulty with retaining auditory information, these old sayings are so true for children with ASD. And because children with ASD tend to be visual learners, it is so important to have your rules, techniques, and expectations in a visual format.


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