The Swim Professor

Jim Reiser, M.S.

WHY NOT 1X Swim Lesson per Week?

Listen, 1x per week of swimming lessons is clearly 100% better than ZEROx per week, and 1x per week is a great way to maintain swimming skills over the winter and certainly make some improvement.

However, IF you increase the frequency of swim lessons/practice from 1x per week to 2x per week you will CLEARLY see a significant difference in the speed/rate of improvement.  STUDY AFTER STUDY clearly suggest when you increase frequency, you increase the learning rate.

As a parent of two young children (and one on the way:)–I UNDERSTAND HOW NICELY ONCE PER WEEK fits  in our busy schedules and I am okay with that in the fall and winter.  But when spring time comes, it’s time to increase the frequency. LEARNING TO SWIM is so important for the safety of our children.

Soccer, Karate, Basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, etc. are all skills that are TERRIFIC for young children to be exposed to and learn.  But if your child is going to master a musical instrument, excel at a sport, or if you are just trying to stay fit– do you really think once per week is enough?  How much weight will you lose if you diet and exercise once per week?

Summer is coming and coming fast!  In fact, if your child starts swimming lessons on March 15th and goes 2x per week until June 1st–you will get 22 lessons in before summer.  On average, it takes a 20-30 lessons for a 3 – 5 year old to learn to swim across the pool without a flotation device or assistance from a teacher.

So WHY NOT 1X PER WEEK?  I suppose you know now:)  If you live in the midlands of South Carolina–enroll your child in a swimming class today at The Swim Lessons Company.

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Is Your Swim School Saving Time & Money with an Online Registration Program?



     1.  Are you SAVING money (and time) because of your online registration program?  

     2.  Is it EASY for YOU to use? 

     3.  Is it EASY for YOUR CUSTOMERS to use?    

      I have been with the same company, Time2Signup, for going on 10 years.  At one point, I wasn’t really that happy with it.  Technology was changing fast and my business was growing fast, making their old registration program more and more troublesome to use.  I voiced my concerns and what I really needed changed and they promised to rebuild the system . . . and they did!

I stuck with them for two reasons:

1. They treated me right (and still do).
2. Their service was, and still is, very reasonably priced.

     When my business was small, I was able to pay something like $50.00 per year and then just $2.50 per transaction.  Now that we have grown to as many as 1000 kids in a month, instead of paying $2500 per month we just pay a flat rate of $300 per month!  You can do whatever makes the most sense for you!

     What I really like is they built their new Time2Signup system using a “smart default values” feature and a new technology (called AJAX) to minimize data entry to make the system easy for both you and your customers.  PLUS it makes it fast and easy for you to put your class schedule online.  In addition, you can also clone whole sessions or parts of old sessions into a new session.

     Go to my website, http://WWW.SWIMLESSONSCOMPANY.COM and click signup now.  You will quickly begin to see WHY 75% of MY CUSTOMERS enroll online! Why is that so great?  Because that extra cash you had in overhead from your office staff expense now goes in YOUR POCKETS!

     Because I have had such a long working relationship with Time2sign up, also now known as Business Focused Internet Systems, call me first and we will call Gene (General Manager of Time2/BFIS) together.  I’ll bet “dollars to donuts” I can get you a discount if you decide to go with Time2.

     Call me on my office phone toll free at 1-866-498-7946.  If you miss me (because most of my customers sign up online:)  I will call you back!

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