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Jim Reiser, M.S.

Chicago Swim Instructor Training

Swim Instructors, Aquatic Directors, and Learn-to-swim professionals can now take advantage of the next Swim Lessons University “One-Day” Conference. This affordable event for swim teachers will feature four information-packed, entertaining talks featuring BRAND NEW VIDEO FOOTAGE throughout the Swim Professor’s power point presentations.

The topics covered in those presentations are as follows:

Talk #1: TEACH LIKE A PRO! The Foundations of Teaching Using Sound Pedagogy Principles.

Talk #2: NO MORE TEARS! Secrets to Teaching Parent & Tot Lessons using a Progressive, Child-Centered Approach.

Talk #3: PRE-SCHOOLERS CAN SWIM! An Innovative, Child-Centered Approach that Creates a Lifelong Love of the Water.


What do attendees say after the event?  Take a look for yourself!  These comments were copied directly from the Swim Lessons University Facebook page from three recent events:

Jane Garvey-Reilly Elder   As a participant in the workshop yesterday, I concur that the information beautifully delivered was bountiful. Albeit I have taught swimming since 1967, I shall be delighted to incorporate these novel ideas concerning delivery to my young students!

Charlotte Boswell Hoolihan   Great presentations at your workshop at the ASCA World Clinic in New Orleans, LA. Thank you for all of your insight!

Stacy Warren   Invaluable information today Jim! Thank you for coming to Sacramento!

Questions?  Call Swim Lessons University TOLL FREE at 1-866-498-7946 or email Jim Reiser at today!

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Swim Lessons University Conference Review

Well our Swim Lessons University Swim Instructor Conference is Las Vegas in the books, but the New Orleans Swim Instructors Conference is just around the corner!  Of course if you missed these, we will hold two more conferences this spring, one in Orlando in February and one in NY in March.

As in the years past, Las Vegas was a great success.  We had a group of swim teachers from Eunice’s Swim School in Canada make the trip, as well as swim instructors from Georgia, Arizona, Texas, California, Utah, and of course Nevada.

Here are a few reviews we’ve received lately on the Swim Lessons University Conference:

“Hi coach Jim…thanks. loved the conference btw…let me tell you, this whole week things have been different at work for us. we’re all working a one big team now. so thank you!”   _ Sally P. – Eunice’s Swim School, Canada

I loved Jim Reiser‘s conference last year in Las Vegas. Don’t miss his conference coming up in New Orleans in a few weeks! I have used many ideas that I learned from Jim over the past years, and the kids and parents enjoyed how they become better swimmers and safer in the water through fun and play. I loved how he helped me learn to be a better child centered teacher! – Gina, Katy, Texas

I’ll bet everyone is GETTING EXCITED about the SLU Conference in New Orleans! The host hotel is in the heart of the French Quarter (at an amazing rate, I might add), and it’s a great way to improve and/or sharpen your skills, meet amazing people who share your commitment to teaching and water safety… And in NEW ORLEANS? Need I say more? One of the MOST AWESOME cities anywhere!   – Sue H., Rockledge, FL

“It is your willingness to treat everyone like your most important customer and your commitment to sharing your knowledge to help us be better aquatic professionals that ensures the you will continue to be a resource throughout the aquatic community to many for many years!” – Victoria C. – Middle Georgia Little Swimmers

I want to extend my sincere thanks to all the learn to swim teachers and aquatic directors who have attended our recent swim instructor workshops.  I look forward to seeing you again and meeting more great people who share the same passion as we do.  “Do what you love, love what you do.” How could you feel anything else when you can make a difference in a child’s life?  Helping children develop a lifelong love affair with the water is the best feeling in the world.

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